The Langton Watercolour Paper

The Langton Watercolour Paper

For many years artists have appreciated the qualities of the Langton. The paper is colour-stable, mould-made and acid-free. The best watercolour papers are acid-free to prevent the deterioration of paint and to preserve the integrity of the paper over time.

Langton Prestige Watercolour Paper

Langton Prestige is a superior-quality watercolour paper manufactured using 100% cotton, the highest quality material for papermaking. Made traditionally on a cylinder mould machine, the paper features a natural whiteness with a soft touch and distinctive texture.

* 100% cotton, with a soft touch
* Traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine
* Acid-free, with an alkali reserve to preserve finished pieces of work and protect against discolouration
* Gelatinised surface for strength and resilience
* Natural white finish

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