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As a watercolour artist your choice of brush is like your choice of engine as a formulae one driver. If you pick the wrong thing nothing good is going to happen. Your choice of brushes is one of the most important decisions you will make as a watercolour artist.

A good watercolour brush needs to retain either a good point or a good edge and also needs to have the ability to hold enough water to make the medium do what it was designed to do – after all without water it isn’t watercolour!

We have sourced some fantastic watercolour brushes for you that present you with all the properties that we know are so important to a watercolour artist but at a reasonable price. We feel it is important to point that out because brushes is one of those areas where manufacturers can go a bit silly and charge way over the odds so we have intentionally avoided some of the big brand names where quite frankly you will pay a fortune for exactly the same bushes just because it has a brand name on the side of it. Art materials are expensive enough without paying more than you need to.

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Rosemary Brush Company Watercolour Brushes

The Rosemary Brush Co have been hand-making paint brushes for artists for a long time and are known for their unsurpassed quality by artists the world over. They are also made right here in the U.K. We think they are amongst some of the best brushes in the world – yep they are that good!

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SAA Watercolour Brushes

SAA Watercolour Brushes – from the synthetic Silver range to the handcrafted Kolinsky Sable brushes – represent great value for money, high standards and long life.

The SAA provides a variety of brush sizes and shapes in each range ensuring you have the right tool for any effect you may wish to achieve. we love them here ate The watercolour Artist and constantly recommend them to students as they are great brushes that won’t break the bank. Why not try a few!

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SAA Silver Watercolour Brushes

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SAA Gold Watercolour Brushes

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SAA Kolinsky Sable Watercolour Brushes

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