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Give your art materials the home they deserve!

We all know as artists that good art materials storage especially at the beginning of our artistic journey is really not up there on the list of priorities after all we would all rather spend money on new paints & brushes than something to keep them in.

Well (and trust on this) being organised will help you progress as an artist enormously! Why you may ask well, lets say that every time you lose a particular tube of paint because it is not stored properly i.e in a place that you can find it, well you lose 10 minutes at least  looking for it don’t you? Well imagine first of all how that ten minutes will compound over time – that’s a lot of hours looking for stuff that you could be using to paint your next masterpiece. Plus it’s stressful and we all know that none of us produce our best work when we are stressed.

So by way of public service to all you dis-organised artists out there (don’t worry that was us as well) we have put together our top picks of quality storage boxes for artists. They are all wooden or metal storage boxes as well which means they are hard wearing and are not likely to fall apart at the seams like those old cardboard boxes you have been using. Also they look much better than cheap tupperware boxes from the pound shop. Plus guess what – they are not actually as expensive as you may have first imagined. Have a look and see what you think, we feel sure you will agree.

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