White Nights Artists Watercolour Fantasy Set – 24 Whole Pans Plastic Box

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Let the light of White Nights shine into your paintings!

This world famous brand of artists’ quality watercolour paints has been produced in Russia by the St Petersburg Company since 1934.

White Nights are extra fine watercolours, manufactured using the highest grade of the finest pigment particles plus gum arabic and even honey!

Three quarters of the paints in this range are made from single pigments and the whole spectrum of colours are easily mixable and lightfast.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional White Nights promise the quality you deserve!
Colours included:

Zinc White
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Naples Yellow
Golden Deep
Cadmium Orange
Vermilion Hue
Cadmium Red Light
Quinacridone Rose
Quinacridone Lilac
Cerulean Blue
Bright Blue
Indanthrene Blue
Turquoise Blue
Emerald Green
Green Light
Sap Green
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Payne’s Grey

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