Watercolours Unleashed Book with Jane Betteridge

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Jane says, that this watercolour tution book is set out to prove that watching paint, especially watercolour, dry can be extremely exciting.

If you’ve always wanted to find out what your medium is capable of, read on. This watercolour tution book explores many varied techniques you can try, from wet-in-wet through gesso and granulation to the use of salt and other ways of creating texture.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s just a technical exercise for its own sake, though. Throughout, Jane shows you how to create pictorial effects and use watercolour’s properties and effects to create strong images that reflect the nature of your subject.

Revel in the use of colour, create background shapes with tissue paper, cling film or even cotton thread, enhance composition with collage. The world really is your oyster and a series of fully-illustrated projects will show you how to paint a wide range of landscape and natural subjects with a whole added dimension.

Watching paint dry isn’t just exciting, it brings out a whole new approach to creativity.

Search Press – Paperback – 144 Pages – Colour throughout

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