SAA Gold Brush Set of 5

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SAA Gold Brush Set of 5 – The Watercolour Artist – UK’s No 1 for Watercolour Painting Tuition DVDs, Books & Art Supplies


The SAA Gold range is made up of a sable/synthetic mix that has great colour carrying capacity, better than the top of the range synthetics on market!

This range is the ideal choice for you if you require the benefits of sable but with the economy of synthetic. SAA Gold brushes are robust, have an exceptional spring, excellent pointing ability and return to point well.

This set of five SAA Gold Brushes is the ideal introduction to the range! Each of the brushes points really well and has exceptional spring.

Set includes: Round sizes 2, 6, 10, Rigger size 2, Flat size 25mm and a FREE Brush Case

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