Paint Yourself Calm Book with Jean Haines

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Even if you don’t buy into the new-age idea of mindful self-awareness, this is a book that’s fundamentally about the creative process and it makes intriguing reading.

Jean’s loose, sometimes almost abstract style can have Zen-like qualities which she uses as a way of channelling her inner thoughts onto paper. The results, as the illustrations show, can be both beautiful for any observer as well as remarkably serene.

From the purely artistic point of view, the process involves allowing your unconscious thoughts to drive what happens with brushes and colours, to think more about a state of mind than a subject. Physical objects such as flowers, butterflies and people are often there, but in the background rather than as the main point of interest.

The creative process is an almost impossible thing to explain, but Jean manages the task remarkably well and this is a book that can help you unlock ways of thinking, seeing and painting you never knew you were capable of.

Book: Search Press . Paperback . 128 pages . Colour throughout

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