Compendium of Watercolour Techniques Book with Robin Berry

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Compendium of Watercolour Techniques Book with Robin Berry – The Watercolour Artist – UK’s No 1 for Watercolour Painting Tuition DVDs, Books & Art Supplies


This innovative approach to the process of learning to paint in watercolours features more than 200 hints and tips.

The book is organised in a logical sequence that begins with the process of selecting materials and explains not just the what but the why, going into the sort of detail that other books often omit, such as staining versus non-staining colours, papers by the sheet, pad or block, how to choose the best brushes for you and even how to organise your working space.

The main body of the book looks at both techniques and subjects and features a vast array of example paintings and demonstrations, accompanied by short and easy-to-follow paragraphs that pick out the key points. One of its best features is that sections are not limited by the book’s format, but are rather given space to breathe and develop in a way that never leaves you feeling short-changed.

An almost unique cross between a course and a hints-and-tips encyclopaedia, this extensive guide is the ideal introduction to working in a rewarding medium.

Search Press . Paperback . 176 pages . Colour throughout

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