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Painting Water, Reflections & Boats in Watercolour

Watercolour is without a doubt one of the best mediums with which to portray water and reflections. However painting water with watercolour is a skill that needs to be developed or your paintings will look unconvincing. With the help of these tutorials you will not only learn to paint convincing water and reflections but you will also learn to paint boats in watercolour that will open up the world of maritime painting to you. You will find on reflection (sorry!) that these tutorials were extremely helpful.

  1.  Snow at Linton, North Yorkshire - You can paint this winter river scene. A step by step Watercolour tutorial by Artist Alistair Butt
  2. Near Salisbury, Wiltshire - Swans by the river near Salisbury. A step by step Watercolour tutorial by Artist  Alistair Butt
  3. Marine painting.Hastings, Sussex - Paint this marine watercolour painting with Watercolour Artist  Alistair Butt
  4. Marine painting.Looe, Cornwall - Teach yourself to paint this harbour scene using Watercolour with Artist  Alistair Butt
  5. Marine painting.St Ives, Cornwall - Fishing boats at low tide. A step by step Watercolour tutorial by Artist  Alistair Butt
  6. Marine painting.Whitby, North Yorkshire - Can you paint this busy harbour scene. A tutorial by the Artist Alistair Butt
  7. Painting A Watercolor's Farewell to Winter! - Join artist Larry Seiler on this watercolor demo of a Wisconsin winter river scene.
  8. Avon River Christchurch, NZ - Artist Rod Webb paints the Avon River in Christchurch, New Zealand at sunset.
  9. A Tropical Beach Scene - Artist Rod Webb paints a beach scene in using wet into wet techniques and paint scraping.
  10. Shagrock, Sumner, New Zealand - Watercolour Artist Rod Webb paints a New Zealand scene in this Watercolour tutorial.
  11. Painting a Boat Scene - Paint this boat scene with artist Rod Webb in this Watercolour demonstration.
  12. How to Paint Reflections in Zion National Park - Painting convincing reflections with Watercolour by the Artist Roland Lee
  13. How to Paint Water Reflections - Watercolor painting - Learn how to add reflections to your watercolours with Artist Roland Lee
  14. How to Paint Water - Peaceful Canyon - A fantastic tep by step Watercolour tutorial by the Artist Roland Lee
  15. Lake Powell Morning - You can paint in Watercolour with the help of Artist Roland Lee
  16. Still Water Sunset , Aitutaki - Step by step tutorial. Painting a sunset in Watercolour with Artist Roland Lee
  17. Watercolor Painting Techniques - Quiet Creek - A step by step Watercolour painin tutorial by the Artist Roland Lee
  18. Lake Willoughby Boat Docks - Paint this scene of solitude in Watercolour with the help of Artist Roland Lee
  19. The Prestige II - A step by step marine Tutorial by the Artist Marilyn Timms
  20. Water Reflections : Join in with a step by step demonstration by Rod Webb of how to paint water reflections in Watercolours.
  21. Fun Fantasy Bubbles - Try you hand at painting fantasy bubbles. Rod Webb shows you how, come and join in.
  22. Paint a beautiful, colorful lake scene - Join Carol Campbell for a wonderful step-by-step watercolor tutorial for beginners
  23. Tips for painting raindrops! - Artist Rod Webb serves up some excellent advice in this tutorial
  24. How to paint water drops or dew drops - Tutorial by Artist Susie short


Improve Your Water in Watercolour DVD - Joe Francis Dowden You Save - 30% £10.72    £15.31
Click Here for Product Details! It's so easy to improve! Explore the colours and techniques used in painting water. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations. Be inspired by an expert. Watch as Joe reproduces the natural world in his paintings. DVD: 45 mins
Improve Your Water Painting Techniques in Watercolour DVD - Gordon Mackenzie You Save - 30% £10.72    £15.31
Click Here for Product Details! Painting water can be one of the most visually pleasing but quite often equally challenging aspects of a painting...until now! Gordon MacKenzie unravels a series of water painting techniques in watercolour that are sure to add a new dimension to your painting. Gordon believes Painting Water doesn't have to be hard - it's just a matter of learning a few techniques. The rest is just practice!
Improve Your Boats in Watercolour DVD - Ian King You Save - 30% £10.72    £15.31
Click Here for Product Details! You will be enthralled by this DVD within the first minute. Ian has the ability to grab your attention and keep you interested whilst showing you various techniques and methods used to paint boats of all descriptions. His friendly and open style encourages you to try the projects Ian paints, from modern boats to a barge. Examples of what Ian demonstrates include how to use symmetry to help you paint and lifting-out techniques, to name just a few. This DVD is a must for all boat enthusiasts. DVD: 50 mins
Improve Your Twilight Waterscapes DVD - Joe Francis Dowden You Save - 30% £10.72    £15.31
Click Here for Product Details! Popular artist Joe Francis Dowden takes you step-by-step through two beautiful projects! Joe demonstrates how to paint a beautiful sunset beach on a cold twilight evening and a rowing boat on a tranquil lake. He shows you with ease how to create soft focus reflections and silhouettes of people, some with just a few single brush strokes. With easy-to-follow techniques, Joe shows you how to create movement, add strong contrast and give that feeling of distance, the essential elements to create drama in your paintings! DVD: 45mins Please note this DVD title is only available in PAL format and therefore is unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands. However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops.
Thursday, August 17, 2017