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Free Watercolour Tutorial Lessons & Demonstrations 

The Watercolour is home to arguably the largest and finest selection of online Watercolour Painting Tutorials available This section is jam packed full of FREE Watercolour tutorials from professional artists. There are literally hundreds of tutorials out there (not all of them good!) so we have tried to pick the best of the bunch and put them into categories for easy navigation. Why? Well, lets say you are having trouble with a sky on one of your paintings and need a little help. There is absolutely no point wasting your valuable time watching a load of tutorials on how to paint trees (however instructional it may be). Instead you simply find the skies category and there you will find a host of step by step painting tutorials on exactly the subject you want. We are constantly updating and adding to the collection so if you happen to come across a good tutorial we have not listed, let us know by emailing us the link and we will add it to the site.We hope you find these tutorials instructional and that they will help you along to achieving better results in your painting. In the meantime though....happy painting!!

To find a tutorial from your chosen category just click the link and you will be taken to the tutorial page for that category.

Watercolour Tutorial Categories:

Watercolour Theory and Basic Watercolour Techniques

These Watercolour Tutorials are mainly for the beginners among you as well as those of us that need to refresh our knowledge. The tutorials in this category will provide you with the basic building blocks of Watercolour Painting as well as teaching you some of the basic Watercolour Techniques. There are also in depth tutorials and articles on colour theory, perspective,tonal values and more.

How to Paint Watercolour Landscapes / Painting Watercolour Seascapes
A whole section devoted to the art of traditional watercolour landscape painting. If your chosen subject is landscape you will love this section. Included are step by step watercolour landscape tutorials and watercolour demonstrations that will teach you how to paint beautiful landscapes in watercolour. We have also included a number of tutorials that will help teach you how to paint seascapes in watercolour.

How to Paint Skies in Watercolour
Need some help with your skies? Well this is the category for you in it you will find numerous Watercolour Tutorials on the tricky subject of skies in watercolour. Regardless of how much practise they have had the thought of painting a sky in watercolour can still fill most artist's with a sense of trepidation. Well here we have a collection of tutorials that will help you paint watercolour skies with that little bit extra confidence.

How to Paint Trees & Foliage in Watercolour
Trees when painted badly can ruin a perfectly good painting. To help you in this area we have compiled a list of Watercolour tree tutorials that will help teach you a number of techniques that will help you to paint trees in watercolour that will look realistic and convincing.

Painting Figures & Animals in Watercolour / Painting Portraits with Watercolour
Figures and animals when added to a watercolour painting can help establish a sense of scale and bring a sense of life and vitality to an otherwise lifeless scene. Learn to paint figures and animals in watercolour and help bring that extra spark of life to your paintings. We have also included a number of watercolour portraits tutorials in this category.

How to Paint Water and Reflections in Watercolour / Painting Boat Scenes in Watercolour
Watercolour is without a doubt one of the best mediums with which to portray water and reflections. However painting water with watercolour is a skill that needs to be developed or your paintings will look unconvincing. With the help of these tutorials you will not only learn to paint convincing water and reflections but you will also learn to paint boats in watercolour that will open up the world of maritime painting to you.

Painting Watercolour Greetings Cards
Would you like to be able to paint your very own unique watercolour greetings cards to give to your closest family and friends. Here we have compiled a list of watercolour tutorials that will allow you to do just hat.

Creating texture in Watercolour / Advanced Watercolour Techniques
Are you searching for that elusive texture or watercolour technique that will help give your paintings that extra edge. Although purists in the medium will disagree with employing anything other than traditional wash techniques there are a huge array of advanced watercolour techniques out there that an artist can utilise. Learn to create amazing textures with watercolour that you never thought possible.

Thursday, August 17, 2017