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How to Paint Trees, Foliage & Flowers in Watercolour

Trees when painted badly can ruin a perfectly good painting. To help you in this area we have compiled a list of Watercolour tree tutorials that will help teach you a number of techniques that will help you to paint trees in watercolour that will look realistic and convincing. We also have a number of tutorials on painting flowers a subject that lends itself perfectly to the delicacies of the medium.

    1. Dry Brush technique - A fantastic technique for achieving texture on stonework, rocks, undergrowth and long grasses etc.
    2. Orchid Demo - You can paint Orchids with this demonstration by Artist Barbara Simmons
    3. Birch trees - A step by step Tutorial on painting Birch trees by Artist Barbara Simmons
    4. Textural Effects for Watercolor - Tutorial by Artist Ellen Fountain
    5. Create rough tree bark - Tutorial by Artist Susie short
      Painting Heavy Snow on Evergreens - Tutorial by Artist Susie short
    6. Belcanto Tulip Painting Demo - Tutorial by Artist Michele Frantz
    7. Golden Wood Painting Demo - Tutorial by Artist Michele Frantz
    8. Painting Strawberries Demo - Tutorial by Artist Liz Donovan
    9. Painting A Garden With Flowers Tutorial - Tutorial by Artist Susie Short
    10.  Paint a Dandelion Clock Seed Head - Ever wondered how you could paint something fluffy and ethereal, like a dandelion seed head? Ruth Harris demonstrates a foolproof method using watercolors and a few simple tools. Try it out on soft kitten fur or other fluffy subjects!
    11. Painting Trees and Foliage in Watercolour - Marvin Chew has been asked numerous times to demonstrate how he paints trees and foliage using watercolours. So, here it is, an article about painting all the greens, nature's gift to mankind.
    12. Demonstration of Sunflowers on Yupo Paper - Experimental watercolor techniques by Artist Carly Clements 
    13. Abstract Watercolor on Yupo Paper - Carly Clements reveals her techniques using yupo paper to create an abstract watercolour.
    14. Painting an Onion in Watercolours. -  Follow Artist Rod Webb as he demonstrates a watercolour painting of an onion.
    15. Autumn leaves  - Join Rod Webb for an exciting look at painting realistic Autumn leaves
    16. Paint trees using watercolors! - Trees are a critical component of any good landscape. Artist Rod Webb
    17. Painting roses - Artist Rod Webb demonstrates how to paint roses in watercolor!
    18. Magnolias watercolor lesson! - Join Artist Rod Webb for this botanical watercolour lesson
    19. The Anatomy of a Winter Tree - A tutorial by Artist Johannes Vloothuis    2nd Article
  1. Irises - A Watercolour flowers tutorial - Tutorial by the Artist Gregory Conley   Part 2 of Tutorial
  2. A line of Pine Trees - Tutorial by the Artist Gregory Conley   Part 2 of Tutorial
  3. Painting Distant Trees in Watercolor - A quick step-by-step tutorial for painting trees in the distance by Bob Davies
  4. Painting Winter Trees with Watercolors - A quick guide for painting realistic Winter trees with Artist Bob Davies
  5. Painting Summer Trees with Watercolors - This lesson is broken into two parts and covers a variety of species.
  6. How to Paint a Rose - Learn how to paint a rose, that most beautiful and popular of flowers. By the Artist Bob Davies
  7. Spring Daffodils - A Tutorial by the Artist Marilyn Timms
  8. Watercolour Lily Demo - Tutorial by Artist Ronnie Cramer
  9. Woodland Demo - Tutorial by Artist Barbara Simmons.


Improve Your Trees in Watercolour DVD - Terry Harrison You Save - 30% £10.72    £15.31
Click Here for Product Details! This highly informative instructional DVD from Terry Harrison demonstrates the techniques and methods used to paint different trees, whatever the season. Terry paints various trees to start off with, progressing to seasonal landscapes. Terry paints a view of the North Downs in summer, and then again in winter, showing the different colours and shadow techniques to use for the most effective look. This DVD is a must for anyone wishing to brush up on their tree painting skills. DVD: 45 mins
Watercolour Flower Painting Workshop (Double Disc DVD) - Hazel Soan You Save - 30% £17.86    £25.52
Click Here for Product Details! Part 1 With an enthusiasm and love for life that is infectious, Hazel Soan will prove that you do not need to be a botanist to paint splendid flowers. Using wet on wet and wet on dry techniques Hazel will teach you how to paint a plethora of flowers such as the lily, Gerbera, Rose, Sunflower, Lysianthus Fuchsia Foxglove Anenome and many more. Find out how to create the hidden depths of flowers that truly capture the viewers interest. Part 2 Hazel puts you on the road to successful flower paintings by showing you ways to create highlights on flowers, not only by leaving the white paper. Having mastered the flowers themselves, backgrounds become the stumbling block so Hazel shows you, with amazing simplicity, how to make a background an integral part of your painting. You'll be astounded by how simple it all becomes with such enthusiastic, knowledgeable and expert instruction. Double DVD: 145 mins
Thursday, August 17, 2017