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How to Paint Skies in Watercolour

Need some help with your skies? Well this is the category for you in it you will find numerous Watercolour Tutorials on the tricky subject of skies in watercolour. Regardless of how much practise they have had the thought of painting a sky in watercolour can still fill most artist's with a sense of trepidation. Well here we have a collection of tutorials that will help you paint watercolour skies with that little bit extra confidence.

  1. Exercises and advice on making the sky a major part of the subject - Tutorial by Artist John Lovett
  2. Wet-in-wet technique - Describes the process of laying several colours or tones of the same colour onto the paper while the paper is wet. This allows the colours to blend together naturally leaving soft edges this technique is widely used to add atmosphere to painting such as in the portrayal of mist, cloud etc it is also one of the most popular techniques used for painting skies.
  3. Wet-in-wet technique! - Artist Rod Webb provides advice on painting skies in watercolour.
  4. Sunsets and Silhouettes! - Join Rod Webb for an exciting watercolor lesson
  5. Painting the Mystic Moon! - Join Artist Joe Broome for an exciting Watercolor and ink lesson.
  6. How to Paint Desert Sky in Watercolor - You can paint this Watercolour sky with watercolour Artist Roland Lee
  7. Wet-in-wet Watercolor Technique for Sky - Blarney Castle Ireland - Painting skies using wet into wet with Artist Roland Lee
  8. Still Water Sunset , Aitutaki - Step by step tutorial. Painting a sunset in Watercolour with Artist Roland Lee
  9. Painting Clouds in Watercolor - Learn how to paint clouds in watercolour with this short video tutorial by Artist Bob Davies.
  10. How to Paint a Variegated Wash - Learning how to paint a variegated wash to represent an evening sky with Artist Bob Davies
  11. Painting Dramatic Skies - Tutorial by Artist Mary Ann Boysen


Watercolour Skies DVD - Ron Ranson You Save - 10% £26.06    £28.95
Click Here for Product Details! Capturing the mood of a sky in watercolour brings a painting to life. Working mainly in the studio, Ron shows us how to paint the many effects caused by cloud formations and weather conditions. He paints a variety of skies from cumulus clouds to sunsets working quickly and boldly with his hake brush. 60 Minutes - PAL DVD
Improve Your Skies in Watercolour DVD - Geoff Kersey You Save - 30% £10.72    £15.31
Click Here for Product Details! This DVD provides a unique opportunity to learn Geoff's invaluable tips and techniques on how to improve your skies. Geoff takes you through, step-by-step, showing how to gain the perfect sky in watercolour. Geoff demonstrates how to create washes for all types of skies, from sunsets to stormy horizons. In six stages, Geoff introduces methods to improve your existing skills, concentrating on adding drama and interest to your paintings. DVD: 45 mins
Improve Your Sky Seascape 3 x DVD Collection with Ian King, Arnold Lowrey and Joe Dowden You Save - 30% £32.15    £45.93
Click Here for Product Details! The Improve Your Sky & Seascape Collection These three DVDs will give you the tools you need to see great improvements in your sky and seascape painting with the expert help of Ian King, Arnold Lowrey and Joe Dowden. Three DVDs are Improve your Boats with Ian King (IKIBWD), Improve your Sea & Sky with Arnold Lowrey (ALISSD) and Improve your Water in Watercolour with Joe Francis Dowden (JDIWWD). DVDs: 50 mins, 45 mins and 50 mins Please note this DVD title is only available in PAL format and therefore is unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands. However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops.
Thursday, August 17, 2017