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 Quality Watercolour Paper, Pads & Blocks


We stock a fantastic range of quality watercolour papers and as part of our ongoing commitment to you our customers we only stock the highest quality watercolour paper available but at some of the lowest prices you will find. We stock paper from four of the biggest manufacturers of fine art papers including Arches, Bockingford, Daler Rowney The Langton and Saunders watercolour paper.

To ensure you find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible we have split our range of fine art paper into individual categories. Just find the brand you prefer from those listed below, decide whether you want to buy loose sheets of watercolor paper a watercolour pad or a watercolour block then click the corresponding link.

Arches Watercolour Paper
Arches Watercolour Paper

Arches watercolour paper
has been milled in Lorraine, France since 1492.Even after many changes in technology and the use of the cylinder mould, Arches fine art paper has maintained the quality and performance that artists have relied upon for centuries and is now considered one of the finest watercolour papers made today. It is 100% cotton fibre (sometimes known as Rag Paper), has a neutral PH value to make it acid free and has a uniquely hand-made look and feel. Each sheet is permeated with sizing to give each fiber a consistent feel and absorbency. Arches paper is also watermarked and stamped with each and every sheet of paper produced being hand checked for quality before leaving the factory.

hahnemuhle watercolour paper

Arches 300gsm Watercolour Paper
Arches 640gsm Watercolour Paper
Arches Watercolour Blocks

Bockingford Watercolour Paper

Bockingford Watercolour Paper

Bockingford watercolour paper
is one of the worlds most popular wa
tercolour papers - not surprising considering Bockingford paper offers superb quality at a great price. This high quality fine art paper is made at St Cuthbert’s Mill, near Wells, Somerset using a cylinder mould and the purest cellulose fibre. It is acid-free, internally sized with a neutral pH to give an archival standard paper and buffered with calcium carbonate to protect from atmospheric contamination, highly light fast and colour stable.

hahnemuhle watercolour paper

Bockingford 300gsm Watercolour Paper
Bockingford 425gsm Watercolour Paper
Bockingford Watercolour Pads
Bockingford Watercolour Cards

 Clairefontaine Watercolour Paper
Clairefontaine Watercolour Papers

Following in its tradition of high quality products and in response to industrial progress in terms of colour, CLAIREFONTAINE was determined to improve on its traditional manufacturing methods. CLAIREFONTAINE engineers have designed papers to satisfy both aspiring and the most demanding artists with these determining criteria: their capacity to ensure the luminosity of transparent colours; water absorption and resistance to deformation; capacity for reworking, and resistance to deterioration.

These papers have been developed with different surface textures to create a large range of supports for the many techniques and styles.

The prestigious FONTAINE Watercolour Paper is made from 100% cotton pulp and the high quality ETIVAL Watercolour Paper is made from cellulose.

hahnemuhle watercolour paper
Clairefontaine Fontaine 300gsm Watercolour Paper
Clairefontaine Etival 300gsm Watercolour Paper 

Daler Rowney Water colour PaperThe Langton Watercolor Paper

Daler Rowney
Watercolour Papers

Watercolour artists have for many years appreciated the qualities of Daler Rowney The Langton. The Langton Watercolour paper is colour stable, mould made and acid free. The best watercolour papers are acid free to prevent the deterioration of paint and to preserve the integrity of the paper over time. The paper has a 'NOT' surface (otherwise known as Cold Pressed) which is between the roughest and smoothest texture of papers making it a versatile paper for watercolour and linewash work.

hahnemuhle watercolour paper

DR The Langton Watercolour Pads & Blocks
DR The Langton Prestige Watercolour Pads & Blocks

 Fabriano Watercolour Paper
Fabriano Watercolouir Paper

Very few companies can claim a longer or more distinguished heritage than Fabriano. Dating back to 1264, the Fabriano mill’s fine arts papers were used and highly praised by Michelangelo. Fabrianese paper masters pioneered many of the processes now common in paper manufacture today, including the watermark and the technique of surface sheet gluing using gelatine.  Fabriano Watercolour Papers are amongst some of the finest papers available today. Fabriano paper even has green credentials as the company is committed to renewable energy and makes extensive use of self-generated hydroelectric power. The production yield from the six continuous machines, makes the company unique in the European paper industry and one of the leading players in its field worldwide.

hahnemuhle watercolour paper
Fabriano Artistico 300gsm Watercolour Paper
Fabriano Medioevalis 300gsm Watercolour Paper


Saunders Waterford Watercolour PaperSaunders Waterford Watercolour Paper

Saunders Waterford Watercolour paper is a high quality watercolour paper that is mould made from 100% rag (cotton). It is acid free and watermarked, has deckled edges (only on full imperial sheets) and is calcium cabonate buffered. This watercolour paper is available in Hot Pressed, NOT, and Rough Surfaces and either quarter, half or full Imperial size sheets.

hahnemuhle watercolour paper

Saunders Waterford 190gsm Watercolour Paper
Saunders Waterford 300gsm Watercolour Paper
Saunders Waterford 425gsm Watercolour Paper
Saunders Waterford 640gsm Watercolour Paper

 Watercolour Paper Size Guide

After many requests we decided to add this handy size guide to help those of you that are new to watercolour fathom the various sizes that watercolour paper is produced in. Hope this helps!

Size                                  Measurements in mm    Measurements in Inches
A1                                      841 x 594mm                             33.1 x 23.4in
A2                                      594 x 420mm                            23.4 x 16.5in
A3                                      420 x 297mm                            16.5 x 11.7in
A4                                      297 x 210mm                            11.7 x 8.3in
A5                                      210 x 148mm                             8.3 x 5.8in
A6                                      148 x 105mm                             5.8 x 4.1in

Quarter Imperial         380 x 280mm                            15 x 11in
Half Imperial                 560 x 380mm                            22 x 15in
Full Imperial                  760 x 560mm                           30 x 22in


Which Watercolour Paper?  Choosing A Watercolour PaperWhich Watercolor Paper?

An artists choice of paper is a very personal thing and watercolour artists pick their papers for different reasons. The three main types of watercolour paper surfaces are: rough, hot-pressed or HP, and cold-pressed (or NOT).

Rough watercolour paper has a prominent tooth, or textured surface. This creates a grainy effect as pools of water collect in the indentations in the paper.

Hot-pressed watercolour paper has a fine-grained, smooth surface, with almost no tooth. Paint dries very quickly on it. This makes it ideal for large, even washes of color.

Cold-pressed watercolour paper has a slightly textured surface, somewhere in between rough and hot-pressed paper. It's the paper used most often by watercolour artists.

Watercolor paper differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, so when you are trying to determine which is best for you remember to experiment not only with the different kinds of paper but also with various brands of paper.

The thickness of watercolour paper is indicated by its weight, measured either in grams per square metre (gsm) or pounds per ream (lb). The standard machine weights are 190 gsm paper (90 lb), 300 gsm paper (140 lb), 356 gsm paper (260 lb), and 638 gsm paper (300 lb). Fine art paper less than 356 gsm (260 lb) should be stretched before use, otherwise it's likely to warp. For your convenience we have included a video on this page that shows you how to stretch your paper. Alternatively you can read the instructions above. Or why not make this job a doddle by purchasing a paper stretcher available in both quarter and half imperial sizes

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