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How to Paint Figures & Animals in Watercolour / Watercolour Portraits

Figures and animals when added to a watercolour painting can help establish a sense of scale and bring a sense of life and vitality to an otherwise lifeless scene. Learn to paint figures and animals in watercolour and help bring that extra spark of life to your paintings. We have also included a number of watercolour portraits tutorials in this category.

  1. Study of Whites: The Pack of Hounds : Cyrille Jubert demonstrates the use of a unicolor technique that adds great effects with a minimum of means.
  2. A Lovely Cat called Pudney James : Join Artist Rod Webb and paint a portrait of your family cat in watercolours.
  3. There's a Fairy in my Garden! - Join ArtistRodd Webb for this watercolor demonstration 
  4. Still Life - Artist Rod Webb provides a step by step still life tutorial 
  5. Painting Sunlit Still Lifes in Watercolor - Tutorial by the Artist Liz Donovan! 
  6. How to paint a bird - Tutorial by Artist John Lovett 
  7. Advice on painting convincing looking shadows - Tutorial by Artist John Lovett 
  8. An easy way to paint small figures in watercolour - Tutorial by Artist John Lovett 
  9. Painting Incidental Figures- Tutorial by Artist Mary Ann Boysen 
  10. Halloween Fairy Painting Demo- Tutorial by Artist Jennifer Branch
  11. Drahthaar Dog portrait, in Four Colours - Tutorial by Artist Cyrille Jubert 
  12. Leopard - Good Grooming  - You can paint a Leopard using Watercolour with Artist Sue Dickinson 
  13. Lion Cub with a Bone - Learn to Paint a Lion cub in this step by step Watercolour tutorial by the Artist Sue Dickinson 
  14. Nelson Mandela Portrait - Teach yourself to paint a portrait with Watercolour. A step by step tutorial by Artist Sue Dickinson
  15. Watercolor Batik - Artist Nicholas Simmons shares his "batik" watercolor technique in this step-by-step demo' of a Koi Fish.
  16. A dog painting using only 4 pigments - A step by step Watercolour dog portrait by artist Cyrille Jubert from Artist  Roland Lee
  17. Painting in Watercolor: Alyssa's Portrait - A Portrait demonstration by the Artist Maragaret Crowley-Kiggins
  18. Painting in Watercolor: Catherine's Portrait - A Portrait demonstration by the Artist Margaret Crowley-Kiggins
  19. Contemplation - A watercolour portrait demo - A Portrait step by step tutorial by Artist Rich Bloechl
  20. Decisions decisions-A figurative tutorial - Tutorial by the Artist Ronnie Cramer


Improve Your Figures In Watercolour DVD - Marilyn Allis You Save - 30% £10.72    £15.31
Click Here for Product Details! If you enjoyed the DVD People arent Scary (Really), then you will love this! This DVD is a real gem for artists who struggle to paint people and captures the magical memories of a donkey ride on a beach to the energetic vibe of musicians playing in Covent Garden. Adding people to your paintings adds another dimension and Marilyn shows you with ease just how to improve your figures in watercolour. She demonstrates that with simple brush strokes you can breathe life into any picture which features people. With a loose impressionist style, Marilyn simplifies each picture by breaking it down into stages, showing you how to apply colour. Let Marilyn show you that a complicated scene neednt be terrifying! DVD: 46 mins Please note this DVD title is only available in PAL format and therefore is unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands. However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops.
Thursday, August 17, 2017