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Water Containers & Wash Tubs

Brush Cleaning Tubs- Spray Bottles - Pipettes 

Mixing Bucket with Palette You Save - 25% £5.85    £7.8
Click Here for Product Details! A really handy, sub-divided paint bucket with deep mixing palette, brush holders, lid and carrying handle.
Artists Water Pot Trio You Save - 25% £2.93    £3.9
Click Here for Product Details! A handy set of water pots, approximatley 8.5cm high, which clip together for when in use and slot inside each other for storage and transportation. This product is ideal for painting outdoors and evening classes.
Brush Bath Deluxe You Save - 10% £6.53    £7.25
Click Here for Product Details! Special features include 3 brush rests, 16 brush holders and airtight compartment for watercolours or acrylics built into the lid.
Brush Tub You Save - 25% £3.56    £4.75
Click Here for Product Details! A useful large double tub one side for cleaning brushes the other for clean painting water. Diameter: 165mm / Height: 90mm Colour: Grey
Artists Spray Water Bottle You Save - 25% £1.05    £1.4
Click Here for Product Details! This small 100ml spray bottle will give you a fine mist, ideal for moistening your paper and paints. Also a fantastic product for creating special paint effects particularly in watercolour.
Thursday, August 17, 2017