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Winsor Newton Art Masking Fluid - 75ml
Winsor Newton Art Masking Fluid - 75ml Winsor and Newton Art Masking Fluid is a liquid with added pigmentation for masking areas of working needing protection when colour is applied in broad washes. Composition: rubber latex/pigment. For best results remove as soon as possible after application. Brush can be cleaned if washed immediately with water after use.

Available in two sizes 75ml and 250ml.
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Artists Masking Fluid- How to use it.

A latex rubber solution for brushing or drawing onto your paper that dries yellow so that you can see where it has been applied. Once dry you can paint over the masked area, which then resists the paint. After the paint has dried, remove the masking fluid gently with a clean finger or a putty eraser. The white area revealed can be left as a highlight or tinted as desired. There are various ways to apply the fluid eg;brush, color-shaper, pen, credit card, cotton bud, etc. Please remember if you intend on using one of your brushes make sure it's an old one and that you wash it out immediately. Masking fluid starts drying very quickly and can ruin brushes. A good tip here is to apply some washing up liquid to the bristles before you start then wash it out immediately after. This puts a protective coating on your brush that goes some way to protecting the bristles.Masking fluid is ideal for reserving highlights and intricate shapes (window and door frames, tree trunks, thin grasses, etc.) However, use it with discretion!

Masking fluid is available in a number of forms. There is general purpose Art masking fluid. Permanent masking fluid is well, permanent and cannot be removed once applied and colourless fluid is exactly the same as general purpose art masking fluid except it is specially designed for soft-sized papers where there is a higher risk of staining occuring. 

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