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Da Vinci Cosmotop Watercolour Brushes 

Da Vinci Series 5080 Cosmotop Spin - Wash Brush You Save - 20% £7.54    £9.43
Click Here for Product Details! This unique daVinci brush is popular for its water-holding capacity and excellent value in large sizes. It is a blend of 5 different diameters of extra smooth synthetic hair. The result is a revolutionary, durable, synthetic brush for artists. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Da Vinci Series 5530 Cosmotop-Mix Watercolour Brush You Save - 20% £3.74    £4.68
Click Here for Product Details! A blend of natural fibres with a small amount of synthetic to give a brush with the excellent pointing and edging of Kolinsky Red Sable, the water-holding capacity and wash strokes of Russian Blue Squirrel, and the stiffness and durability of Russian Fitch (BlackSable). Perfect for fine detailed watercolour work, this is a wonderful brush at an economical price.
Da Vinci Series 5830 Cosmotop-Mix Watercolour Brushes You Save - 20% £4.92    £6.15
Click Here for Product Details! A companion brush to the Cosmotop Mix Round series, these brushes utilise the same mix of hairs to produce a sharp painting edge and thick belly, allowing even washes to be applied. Watercolour brush with mixed hair to give great water holding capacity and a very good point.
Da Vinci Boxed Watercolour Brush Set You Save - 20% £31.99    £39.99
Click Here for Product Details! Set of four brushes: -No. 2 kolinsky -No. 6 & 12 Comotop round -No. 10 flat -A piece of brush soap
Thursday, August 17, 2017